Join us for our May meeting on mental health!

Hi Fellow Democrats!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Spring Valley Lemon Grove Democratic Club has an amazing meeting lined up with excellent speakers for our panel on mental health.

Mental health is interconnected with even the most far reaching facets of our society. It affects all ages, abilities, races, and genders without discrimination, yet we treat it as a secondary and a reactionary medicine. Poor mental health can lead to dysfunctional relationships, problems with addiction, trouble holding a job, and even lead to homelessness. Mental healthcare should be treated as a preventative medicine and we are making progress on that front as a society, but we can’t fully embrace mental healthcare until we defeat the stigma that surrounds it.

Join us this Wednesday, May 10th at The Hamlett in Lemon Grove for a panel discussion on mental health, with speakers Kenya Taylor and Lisa Garcia.

Wednesday, May 10th

6:30pm Arrival & Social Time

7:00pm Programming Starts

With Speakers:

Kenya Taylor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

President of NAACP San Diego

Lisa Garcia

Project Manager

Recovery International

While we would love to see each and every one of you in person, we also understand that sometimes life makes that difficult. Last month we experimented with offering hybrid. We were able to visually accommodate, but struggled with volume. We will be working to improve upon last month, but, as we are not audio visual experts, we cannot yet guarantee successful implementation. We will get the link and more information out with our next email.

See you Wednesday!

In solidarity,

Spring Valley Lemon Grove Democratic Club

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