Go Team Kick October 9, 2022

Join our Go Team and help us keep our city Council in Lemon Grove Blue!

We are in the campaign season. We are supporting our endorsed candidates. Here in Lemon Grove, we have two candidates in a crucial race to hold the line on sanity and give us a majority of Democratic members on the Council.

We have Jennifer Mendoza ( jennifer4lemongrove.com) standing for re-election and

Alysson Snow (snowforlemongrove.com ) running for a seat long held by a republican. We have strong candidates and a climate of misinformation. We must get out the vote and speak the truth to voters.

We are looking for people who will join the Go team. We have a great Go-Team Leader, Danny Brunner. dbrunner1776@svlgdems.com He is experienced in inspiring people and brings a passion for the work; we are lucky to have him.

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