Exciting news! The campaigns are really make an impact!

Dear Member and Friends,

We are really coming down to the final stretch here with two weeks to go before November 3. The club mailer is in the mail boxes today, Thank you Jennifer of an outstanding job!

We are organizing a Literature Drop for this Wednesday, October 21,2020. We would love some help!!!

We will have a fresh new list, 2000 address with all voter who have already cast ballot scrubbed from the list! It will be a nonpartisan list so only nonpartisan materials. It is all walkable homes and should really make an impact!

I will have this list tomorrow for any candidates who want to walk, George and David have a door hanger for volunteer who want to help them, If the school board candidates have material please let me know and I can serve as a pick up point if you want.

I will pass out the list in section to all who are willing to walk!! Please just reach out to me and we will make this a great success!

I know it hard to keep up the momentum, we have seen an amazing effort so far and I thank all the members and friends who have volunteered long hours to help support our endorsed candidates.
Please just a bit more to drive home our candidates message so we can know we did our part for the greatest impact, in this very difficult year. If you can help they need you time and shoe leather.

Thank you in advance for all you will do!

Cynthia Jurado

Spring Valley Lemon Grove Democratic Club

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